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I’ve had a number if inquiries about purchasing prints of some of my recent landscape photographs. If you’re one of the people that has asked, you’re in the right place!  All of these photos are linked to my online store where you can buy a variety of sizes and formats. I frequently find that sunset photos really pop on the metallic paper, but in general I’m a big fan of lustre paper for something that’s going to hang on a wall and fit in with other artwork.

If you’re looking for something a little different, consider printing onto a stretched canvas. By doing so, you end up with a photo that has some qualities of a painting and doesn’t require extra framing.

If you’re interested in any of these prints, just click on the image you’d like to purchase. Thank you!

'Time with you' - Sunset Silhouette from Battery Park in Burlington, Vermont

Some photos are an awkward size to print. Instead of a custom order, my recommendation is to pick the width you’re interested in (in the example below, 18″) and order the closest size print. SmugMug will tell you that the image needs cropping in checkout, but I suggest selecting “None” as is highlighted in green.  The advantage to this is that you get a print of the full image in the dimensions that it was intended.  When you receive the print, you can then have your framer trim the white portions off. If you’re interested in ordering a canvas or preframed print, you should contact me directly as that will require a custom order. It’s no extra cost to you, I just can’t configure this shopping cart to support it.

Landscape Nature Photograph

More flooding in Vermont

I was in Washington D.C. early this week and was supposed to travel home to Vermont during the thunderstorms Tuesday evening. The flight was delayed and eventually cancelled which meant I flew up over Lake Champlain at around noon on Wednesday. I was greeted with sights that I’ve only seen in photos from other flooded areas. Silt and debris flowed out of every river and stream into Lake Champlain creating plumes of muddy water. The photo below is of the mouth of the Winooski river with the silt streaming north past Colchester point and towards the mouth of Malletts Bay. Usually I travel with a decent camera, but this was a quick trip and all I had on me was my iPhone.

Silt and debris floods into Lake Champlain from the Winooski River

After dinner, Tawny and I decided to walk over to the farmer’s field near our house to see what the flooding had done. Earlier in the day Route 128 was closed right here, but the waters had receded enough to re-open by early evening. The flood waters had eroded large parts of the shoulder but the traveled lanes still looked structurally sound.

Erosion undercut many roads in the Burlington area. Route 128 in Essex is open as of this evening, but it's a little more narrow than it used to be.

I can’t imagine this truck is going to move for a few days. Earlier this morning, Tawny informed me, there was a tractor in the middle of the field across the road. The tractor made its way out, but there were some serious ruts that indicated where it had been.

We walked around for a few more minutes as the sun set, enjoying the near 80 degree weather.   It’s hard to believe that this is a farmer’s field. Usually photos like this are down at the lake shore looking over at the Adirondack mountains.

It’s been an exciting year for weather in Burlington. What’s mother nature got in store for us next?


Champ Spotted!

Champ is taking advantage of the high water in the lake to make the rounds to businesses he can’t normally reach. Here he is outside the Vermont Lake Monsters front office down at the King St. ferry dock in Burlington.

Champ, Lake Champlain's lake monster, is back in his element.

He’s not very bashful right now and hung around for a few portraits while I was walking around the waterfront.

For those of you that haven’t made it down to Perkins Pier to see the flooding, here are a few shots of what it looks like now. According to NOAA, the lake is at 100.7′. I’ve heard reports that it is supposed to crest 101′ and with 80″ of snow remaining on Mt. Mansfield I have little doubt that we’ll get there.

Normally, these benches are a nice place to watch the sun set and be safe from waves. Today, you’d be hard pressed to get out there without hip waders.

For comparison, here’s what it looked like last March. The dark line on the water is the Burlington breakwater which is completely submerged right now.

An early March sun sets behind the Adirondack mountains and Lake Champlain.

Engagement Portraits

A Burlington Engagement Session with Peter & Emily

I had the great honor of taking some engagement photos (I guess all the cool kids are calling them E-Sessions now) for a wonderful couple and some good friends of mine, Peter & Emily. We tromped around Burlington shooting in a couple of alleys on our way down to One Main St. and the Lake Champlain waterfront to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Peter is a musician and he’s a frequent guest in front of my camera, but most of the time that I’m taking photos of him, Emily is in the audience listening to his melodies. Not this time!  We had a great time laughing with each other while we made these photos.  Near the end of the night, Peter said, “This is great! How often do I get to spend a few hours focused on being in love with Emily?” I can’t wait for their wedding this fall!

Peter & Emily's Burlington Vermont Engagement (E-Session) photos
Peter & Emily's Burlington Vermont Engagement (E-Session) photos: Brick wall with glass reflection

Peter & Emily's Burlington Vermont Engagement (E-Session) photos: Silhouette at Sunset

Here’s a slideshow with some more photos from the day:

Music: “Emily” by Peter Day

You can find this song on iTunes and more songs like it on The Grift’s website. A huge thank you to Clint Bierman for providing acoustic version!


A walk in the park

A friend was visiting Burlington from out of town, so three of us decided to take a walk in Ethan Allen Park.  For those that haven’t been there, Ethan Allen Park is in the North End of Burlington, very close to Leddy Park.  A bike path comes in from the Burlington Intervale and climbs up a hill, branching in multiple directions; some paved and some dirt. When I lived in Burlington, I had a loop that would start by the Winooski River and come through the park, riding as many trail segments as possible. I would inevitably stop at the tower to take in the view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondaks — it’s one of my favorite views in Burlington. When we arrived, the tower was locked. I later found out that Burlington Parks & Recreation unlocks the tower on Mother’s day.

Even with no access to the tower, we took some photos on the trails and enjoyed the views from both the tower and pinnacle lookouts.

Sunset in Ethan Allen Park

Someone had a sense of humor and painted “So Close to the Edge” on a piece of metal sticking out of the rocks behind a safety fence.  Just beyond is a drop high enough that I wouldn’t want to experience the fall.

Metal rebar stuck in stone with the words "So Close to the Edge"

Macro photograph of a ladybug on rocks

Person taking an iphone photo next to a stone wall

Most of the shots above were goofing around, but I like the shot below.

I’d imagine it was a nice night for bouldering in Vermont. The temperature was comfortable on our casual stroll, so it might have even been warm while working out on the rocks.

Matt asked what I was going to do with this photo.  I still don’t know, but I kinda like it.

The random glasses we found at the Pinnacle.

It’s hard to argue with a sunset like this.

Sunset over Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks

I would have loved to stay longer and watch it hit the water, but we were hungry and it was time to find some food.