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Spartan Sprint: A Family Affair

Note: We’re trying something new here. This is a guest post written by my wife, Tawny, a.k.a @FiveFeetofFuryVT on Instagram

This past weekend Ben and I headed down to Rutland Mass for the Spartan Sprint.  I have been racing for years and all along the way Ben has been on the sidelines. I am so fortunate to not only have my biggest fan cheering me on, but he also takes amazing photos!  I mean, could I be any luckier?

This past weekend was extra special though as I got to race with my brother, who is more competitive and races elite most of the time, and for the first time – my dad!  Chris raced the elite heat first thing in the morning before joining my dad and I for more laid back open heat mid-day.
The initial forecasts called for rain most of the day with a chance of thunderstorms but we lucked out.  The skies were gray but the rain held and we were left with perfect racing weather to go along with the great company.  The trails were muddy and wet but that just adds to the fun.
My dad only did a small bit of training before the race so we worked as a team to get through some of the obstacles.  Some he concurred like a champ while only needing a little assistance on others.  He even successfully completed the 20′ rope climb.  How many 60+-year-olds can say that?
Ben and I stopped by the store on the way home from the race to print up some of these beauties for Father’s Day.  I am so proud of my dad and was honored to run by his side this past weekend and so thankful to have some beautiful photos for him to display at work.

Family Portraits

Meet Kelly

Senior photo season is almost over but we had one last hurrah in Waterbury. Kelly and I met up on a day that was originally forecast to be rainy and cold. Instead, we got nice high clouds mixed with sun and comfortable temps with a warm wind.


We walked around some of the roads that she runs, meandering through farmer’s fields and down past a small river. Every time I visit the Mad River Valley I’m reminded that it’s one of the most beautiful places in Vermont.

Vermont-Senior-Photo-Waterbury-03 Vermont-Senior-Photo-Waterbury-04 Vermont-Senior-Photo-Waterbury-08 Vermont-Senior-Photo-Waterbury-07 Vermont-Senior-Photo-Waterbury-06 Vermont-Senior-Photo-Waterbury-05

It was a lovely day with great company. You’re going to go places, Kelly! Best of luck on the rest of your senior year and in college.


Blueberry Picking at Adam’s Berry Farm

A few weeks ago my family and I went blueberry picking at Adam’s Berry Farm in their new Charlotte location. With the crazy weather we’ve had in Vermont over the last few years, they were forced to leave their 11 year home in the Burlington Intervale. Well, they found a beautiful spot on a hill in Charlotte. The barn looks gorgeous, and the berries are as delicious as always.























Along the ridge of the hill is a band of wildflowers that are a perfect addition to the farm.




What do you think, do you like the photo with or without the motion blur?







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Fall Family Photos in Burlington’s Battery Park

It’s been a very busy fall for me, but when Becky called up asking if I had some time for family photographs, I said yes. We were able to meet up in downtown Burlington for some photographs in Battery Park. I like shooting there because there are a variety of scenes to use ranging from 100% nature/outdoor, to a more urban look with the cement fountain and amphitheater.

Xavier was very interested, as most kids his age are, in the gear we brought with us.  Since this was a light shoot, we only brought a monopod topped with a shoot-through umbrella. It was fun to watch him experiment with what the umbrella did to both light and sound.

Family Photograph Portraits

Happy Babies

I was going through some photos recently and came across these pictures of a friend’s baby. He is one of the happiest, most adorable, easy going babies you’ll ever meet. Tawny & I went over for dinner not long after he was born and decided to throw the cameras in the car. I don’t photograph a lot of babies, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. He was pretty cooperative, though, smiling every time we asked.

I love the way this first photo shows the connection between father and son.

Vermont Family and Baby Photography

Vermont Family and Baby Photography

Vermont Family and Baby Photography

Vermont Family and Baby Photography

His parents think this look is his “time to take over the world” look, but I think he just looks overjoyed to have his photo taken. 🙂

Vermont Family and Baby Photography

Vermont Family and Baby Photography

Vermont Family and Baby Photography