Madelaine and Joe: Married at a Vermont Farmhouse

“It’s important to take time to celebrate the good things in life.” My aunt says this regularly, and it’s spot on. The world is turbulent right now, but last Saturday it was warm and sunny, full of smiles and love. Madelaine and Joe got married on the family farm with a beautiful ceremony officiated by her brother and attended in person by only a handful of very close family and friends and by more family and friends over Zoom.

After a ceremony in the shade of a beautiful tree down near the river, they retreated in a bright blue Jeep to the house for cocktails and photos followed by dinner under a tent — good thing, the rain came through just after sunset.

For just a few hours, all was right in the world. Thank you for having me as a part of it! I wish you two many years of love and happiness!

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