The best skiing in the lower 48 is … Vermont?

Teton Gravity Research called Vermont “the best place to ski right now” and Unofficial Networks has said that “Vermont is officially going off.” I can’t disagree.  These photos are from the last four days around Smuggler’s Notch.

20150206-bdb-smuggs-9048 20150206-bdb-smuggs-9033-2 20150209-bdb-smuggs-9274 20150208-bdb-smuggs-9237 20150208-bdb-smuggs-9231 20150208-bdb-smuggs-9192 20150208-bdb-smuggs-9185 20150207-Smuggs-bdb-9143 20150207-Smuggs-bdb-9132 20150207-Smuggs-bdb-9106 20150207-Smuggs-bdb-9091 20150207-Smuggs-bdb-9090 20150206-bdb-smuggs-9058

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