Vermont Festival of the Arts: First Annual Community Picnic

To kick off this year’s Vermont Festival of the Arts, Haywire and The Grift were invited to Lareau Farm to play for the first annual community picnic. People showed up in droves, spreading their blankets around the great back yard of the inn. The fires were lit, the ovens were cranking out American Flatbread, and the bar had local beer. Kids were playing frisbee and badminton while the bands started.

Haywire started the evening off with a great set of music.


Then The Grift took the stage with a high energy mix of covers and original music.




Early in the evening, the dance floor was empty, but as the night went on it got crowded. I don’t think this girl was complaining in either situation – she was trying to get the party started here and continued to dance to every song until the end of the night!












As dusk arrived, the clouds got thicker and the announcement was made that the fireworks would go off a bit early.


Enhanced with a few flashes of lightening, Northstar Fireworks put on a good show in a slight drizzle.






The grand finale went off just moments before the skies opened up and drenched anyone still outside the pavilion. No matter, though,  The Grift kicked up the dance music again and the party was hopping. A little rain wasn’t going to dampen anyone’s spirits this evening.



A Perfect Wedding: Peter & Emily

It’s taken a while for me to get around to blogging this wedding. I think it’s because it has special meaning to me; or maybe it’s because I had a hard time picking just a handful of photos to share here.

Last fall, two of my good friends were married at Lareau Farm Inn in Waitsfield, Vermont. For those of you that are repeat readers, you may recognize them from an engagement session in Burlington last summer.

Peter proposed with his grandmother’s ring and that vintage act seemed to set the mood for the rest of the planning. Between the beautiful Vermont fall foliage, the comfortable, rustic atmosphere at the inn, handmade invitations and wedding favors, and a talented musical lineup, the day came together perfectly.

The flowers that The Blue Toad provided were beautiful and a perfect match for the venue and other decorations.

After a morning of getting the pavilion and ceremony site decorated, Peter was ushered back to his room to get ready with his best man.

The girls ran down to the hair salon to get their hair done (and, rumor has it, stop for a creemee on the way) before returning to change and apply any finishing touches.

Peter didn’t know it, but while he was outside chatting with his parents, Emily was just feet away peeking through the bathroom window at him.

One of the smartest things we did was to find a spot for their first look which was away from the arriving guests. Across the river, there’s an old road or driveway that looked back at the inn. While Peter was waiting for his bride, he got to watch as family and friends made their way to the ceremony.

Best. Reaction. Ever.

First looks are one of my favorite times during a wedding. As a photographer, you get to watch as two people that love each other take a few minutes to themselves. It’s a beautiful sight and almost as memorable for me as for the bride and groom.

We knew that most of the guests had arrived, though, so we had to scurry off to the upper field to make it legal!

Peter was obviously feeling good about the day!

And Emily was almost floating as she made her way up the long walk with her attendants.

Normally, group shots of family & wedding party are pretty cookie-cutter, but when you’ve got a bunch of performers together you can capture out of the ordinary attitude.

The rest of the night is a blur as family and friends celebrated by playing music  & dancing the night away.

And when the music finally stopped, there was a fire outside to sit around as we all digested the day’s events.

What a beautiful, perfect wedding. If you’ve got a few more minutes, please take  them to enjoy a slideshow of more photos set to two original pieces played by Peter’s band-mates in The Grift.