Memorial Day Sunset

Memorial Day Sunset over Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks in Bridport, Vermont.

OK, so I’m mostly just testing a newly installed plugin… Please forgive the noise!

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Sure was a nice evening. Had some cool mist roll in near me. Made for some great shots with a misty field in the foreground, sunset in the back. What plugin did you use for this photo?

I suppose I cheated – this wasn’t actually taken on Memorial day, but on Saturday. on Memorial Day, I turned to my wife at about 3pm and said “The fires are gonna make for a great sunset tonight” and then we got busy with some house projects and didn’t head anywhere with a good view.

As for plugins – none. I tweaked the contrast in Lightroom, punched up the blacks a bit. May have added a bit of Vibrance (don’t recall off the top of my head)

OK – so I’m dense. 🙂 That’s what I get for reading the comment without reading my post again. It was a WordPress plugin that I was testing, not a Photoshop plugin.

The plugin I was testing was Wordbooker:
So far, it works well. The developer is working on some new features that will be nice, but it sounds like he’s having a bit of a hard time with it at the moment.

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