Perfect Last Day

Our last day at Snowbird provided soft snow and sunshine.  The initial plan was to ski in Mineral Basin in the morning and then head over to Little Cloud, where we had previously spent little time, but had good runs.  Well, Mineral Basin was too nice to leave.  The snow on skier’s right was mostly in the shade and softer while the snow on the left was baking in the sun, soft, and heavy (but not manky / mashed potatoes.)

After skiing “Living the Dream” we felt like we were.  Soft, swooping turns down a relatively steep untracked face.  Being on a snowboard, the traverse was some work, but worth it.  To the guy that we met at the bottom, you can see one of the photos below and some more in the gallery titled Snowbird – 1/3/2010







At some point, I’ll finish going through most of the photos and put up a combined set of galleries from our Utah vacation. What a great trip!  We can’t wait to head back.  Next time, later in the season when the snowpack is a little more consistent and predictable.

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