The best skiing in the lower 48 is … Vermont?

Teton Gravity Research┬ácalled Vermont “the best place to ski right now” and Unofficial Networks has said that “Vermont is officially going off.” I can’t disagree. ┬áThese photos are from the last four days around Smuggler’s Notch.

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Snapshots vs Photographs

So, I’m posting this photo so that I get more chances to win a camera, but it does have some relevance.

I can’t tell you how many times someone pulls out their phone and says to me something like “Sorry, it’s just a camera phone but it’s all I have…” Sure, an SLR would take a better photo and there are other even bigger, more expensive cameras that have advantages over SLRs… but if you’ve got a camera in your pocket and you’re taking a photo, it’s something important to you and worth capturing with whatever you have! I believe it’s Chase Jarvis that says “The best camera is the one you have with you” and he’s right. So… keep taking snapshots. They’re worth remembering.

Local wedding photographers
Image courtesy of: SnapKnot – Local Wedding Photographers

A photographer in Burlington, Vermont