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Outdoor Family Photographs on a Beautiful Vermont Morning

This past Saturday, I spent the morning at Oakledge Park in Burlington with Courtney, Kinsley, Andrew, and Connor . We had a great time wandering around the park, taking a combination of posed and candid photos. When you have an almost four year old involved, you never know what you’re going to get, but both kids were in good moods, very well behaved, and we had a great time making some photos.

We started on the swings, spidering, which turns out to be one of Kinsley’s favorites things to do. It was a good way to relax and get into the swing of taking some photos.

Then we settled into some posed photographs for a little while

Totally unprompted, and they struck almost exactly the same pose.

If you go to Oakledge, you can’t miss out on the giant treehouse, so we headed up there next.

What’s Cody drawing in the sand?

“I love you, Dad” of course.  What a great kid!

I think this is my favorite series from the whole day!

It’s hard to argue with a quote like this, “The pics are SOOO great THANK YOU!!!!  It really was fun shooting pics! The best part was the kids thought so too!”  I had a great time, too, Courtney!  Thanks for the opportunity to hang out with you and make some great photos.

Art Nature Photograph

Quiet Morning in Vermont

I woke up this morning with a laundry list of tasks to finish.  Paint some trim, prep some doorways, patch some drywall, mow the lawn.  It’s humid here in Vermont; the gentle rains last night and the morning dew meant that I couldn’t yet mow the lawn.  Those same rains left some treasures on the irises that line my driveway, so after doing a little sanding, I took some time to appreciate the little things in life. I have photographed these plants and droplets in the past, but somehow they never get old to me.

Drop of water on an iris leaf

Vermont mornings provide beautiful droplets after a night of gentle showers.

I remain perpetually fascinated at how perfectly round the water droplets are some mornings, and how on other mornings they cling with all their might, flattening down to hug the leaves.

If you like these, please take a look at some of my other macro & floral photography, or look at my general gallery of artistic photos.

Event Photography Sports

Roller derby poised to take over as Burlington’s official sport

The Green Mountain Derby Dames have certainly made a splash in the Burlington area over the last two years.  They have gone from competing for a minimal crowd in one of the smaller rooms at the Champlain Valley Expo to presenting a double-header bout in the large room.  The Black Ice Brawlers made their debut this past Saturday, skating against the Ithaca BlueStockings. Following this bout, the GMDD’s Grade A Fancy team skated against the Providence Killah Bees. Both teams skated well, but ultimately it was not GMDD’s night.

I highly encourage you to come to the next bout which looks to be a family feud on June 12th.

GMDD does a great job at mixing up the halftime shows by inviting in local teams, acts, or charities to perform or involve the crowd in activities.  We’ve had dodgeball and Zumba, but this week the Urban Dance Complex performed a hip-hip dance.

The Black Ice Brawlers returned from halftime an inspired team.  They stepped up their game skating hard and closing the gap on the scoreboard. Nice work, ladies!

With a quick intermission between bouts, GMDD’s Grade A Fancy came out for their warm-ups. It did not go unnoticed that many of the women skating in the second bout were helping make the first bout happen, and vice-versa. This stretch always impresses me; I have enough trouble doing this with street shoes on, and here’s The Silencer casually doing it with roller-skates on like it’s no big deal.