Beautiful Burlington Sunset

Some days, it’s nice to break free from your patterns. Monday and Tuesday night, as I was commuting home from Burlington to Essex, I had amazing views of snow-capped Mt. Mansfield and Camel’s Hump. In my rearview mirror, the sun was setting behinds Whiteface, Marcy, and a slew of other peaks in the Adirondak mountains of which I do not know the names. Every day, I’ve had my camera with me and tried to stop to take a quick shot. This is a common occurrence, and more often than not I’m let down with the results.

Today, instead of going home, I was staying in the city to meet some friends. I had a couple of minutes to kill between finishing things up at my desk and heading to their house for dinner, so I stopped by Perkin’s Pier. The sun had mostly set by the time I arrived, but it didn’t matter. Sunsets over Lake Champlain rarely disappoint.

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